We’re calling Tucson, Arizona home for a few days while we explore all the area has to offer…and hopefully enjoy some warm southwestern sunshine.

 Luck was with us as Reg backed the Mini into one of the nicest sites in the RV Park.

Our first stop:  Saguaro National Park, home to the iconic Saguaro cactus featured in so many of your favorite westerns.

The western side of the park claims a much more dense Saguaro population.

After a quick stop at the Visitor Center we found ourselves armed with a trail map and directions to The Sendero Esperanza Trail which would lead to what the ranger described as, “Their best wildflower showing in years…a desert super bloom.”

As we climbed higher along the trail we reached the poppy fields where acres and acres of bright orange were strewn across the hillside.  The desert bouquet also held red, yellow, purple and white blooms of all shapes and sizes.  I gave up trying to capture the scene on film and simply enjoyed.

This trailside rock offered us the perfect picnic spot.

As the trail snaked uphill we climbed out of the flower fields toward the top of the ridge.  Our map indicated a picnic table that we thought would be the perfect lunch destination before our journey back down the hill, however it proved elusive.