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The Coastal Redwoods in Northern California are some of the tallest and oldest trees in the world.  We discovered a five mile walk just east of Crescent City that led us through a dense forest where redwood giants soared high above us.


Growing alongside the trail to the top of Humbug Mountain was one perfect wild iris.  Spring continues to bloom beneath sheltering trees on the Oregon Coast.

Plenty of sunshine on the coast of Southern Oregon today where wildflowers are still blooming.  Harris Beach State Park provides a much needed escape from the gloom and drizzle back home.

For twenty years Yosemite National Park was a short drive from my home.  Having this natural wonder in my own “backyard” allowed our family to explore the park throughout all four seasons.  Who could ever tire of scenes like this one?

Pops of color sprung up while strolling along the nature trail in West Virginia’s Kanawha State Forest.

One of the many picture perfect days we experienced on the 110 mile Tour du Mont Blanc in 2016.  If you are looking for a challenging trek that rewards you with breathtaking scenery of France, Italy and Switzerland, this may be for you.

While hiking at Lake of the Woods, I caught two fishermen as they slowly drifted by.

A free shuttle from the Chiricahua Visitor Center provides hikers transportation to the top of the Echo Canyon Trailhead.  Sign-up is required prior to the 9:00 a.m. departure, so a little advanced planning is necessary…but you won’t regret it!  Once at the top, the 4.2 mile (mostly downhill) trail winds through spectacular rock formations, many of which seem to defy gravity.

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