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After three weeks of traveling through the Arizona Desert, I finally stumbled upon a cactus with bright spring blooms.

The magical red rocks of Sedona, Arizona tower over all who wander the trails below.

The Fairy Duster (Calliandra eriophylla) is a low spreading shrub, commonly found in the deserts and arid grasslands of the southwest.



Saguaro cactus are so slow growing that it takes six to eight years for them to reach just one inch in height.  Arms may sprout after 70 years as they continue to grow.  These desert giants can reach a height of 50 feet at age 150.

Arizona Desert Super Bloom

A free shuttle from the Chiricahua Visitor Center provides hikers transportation to the top of the Echo Canyon Trailhead.  Sign-up is required prior to the 9:00 a.m. departure, so a little advanced planning is necessary…but you won’t regret it!  Once at the top, the 4.2 mile (mostly downhill) trail winds through spectacular rock formations, many of which seem to defy gravity.

When will this boulder reach its tipping point and tumble into the valley below?

The desert was in full bloom on a recent drive through southeastern Arizona.

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