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The Fairy Duster (Calliandra eriophylla) is a low spreading shrub, commonly found in the deserts and arid grasslands of the southwest.



Saguaro cactus are so slow growing that it takes six to eight years for them to reach just one inch in height.  Arms may sprout after 70 years as they continue to grow.  These desert giants can reach a height of 50 feet at age 150.

Arizona Desert Super Bloom

The brilliant blue sky creates a contrasting backdrop for snow covered trees.

As the snow falls outside my window, I dream of summer sunsets on the Pacific Coast.

While capturing the grandeur of the Mont Blanc landscape, Reg was reduced to a mere speck on trail.

Wildflowers were in bloom during our July Tour du Mont Blanc trek.

It was a gorgeous day for our climb up and over Devil’s Staircase, the highest point along the West Highland Way. As we headed down the other side, the landscape was breathtaking.

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