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The purple bloom of an artichoke resembles a sea anemone from an ocean tide pool.


I stumbled upon these brightly colored mystery plants while on a morning walk in my neighborhood.

The Coastal Redwoods in Northern California are some of the tallest and oldest trees in the world.  We discovered a five mile walk just east of Crescent City that led us through a dense forest where redwood giants soared high above us.


While hiking at Lake of the Woods, I caught two fishermen as they slowly drifted by.


Mt. Shasta spends much of the winter enveloped in clouds, surprisingly (and disappointingly) hidden from view.  I couldn’t help but snap a quick photo as we sped down the interstate yesterday.

On a clear day, the views from Upper Table Rock extend for miles across the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon.

A Sunday morning hike to the top of Upper Table Rock revealed long awaited signs of spring.

Mother Nature has been hard at work atop Oregon’s Mount Ashland.  On a recent snowshoe walk around the backside we discovered what appeared to be a garden of frozen statues, sculpted by numerous winter wind and snowstorms.


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