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Great Sand Dunes National Park

Grand Canyon views never fail to impress.

The remains of Montezuma Castle, perched 90 feet up a limestone cliff, remind us of the ingenuity of ancient builders. It is believed the Sinagua people inhabited this cliff dwelling from 1100 and 1425 AD.

From a distance, Chimney Rock rises above Sedona like a…well, like a chimney. A short but steep detour from the loop trail had us scrambling up to the base of the three spires that create Chimney Rock. What a view!

Native grasses provide spring color, contrasting with the red rocks of Arizona’s Grand Canyon.

The Hog Heaven Trail opened onto an expanse of rock with breathtaking views of the red rock valley of Sedona, Arizona.

After three weeks of traveling through the Arizona Desert, I finally stumbled upon a cactus with bright spring blooms.

The magical red rocks of Sedona, Arizona tower over all who wander the trails below.

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