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Mother Nature

As spring turns to summer, bright yellow Dandelions transform into fluffy balls of seeds.

Catalpa trees display delicate blooms with ruffled edges and just a hint of color.

Once that pesky dandelion blooms in your garden, the flower transforms into a puffball of seeds which are then scattered by the wind.

Fierce winds blowing across the sand create sculptures on a sandy Oregon beach.

Halfway through November and many trees are still dressed in spectacular colors.

Following the celebration of fall, leaves cover the ground like confetti.


Mt. Shasta spends much of the winter enveloped in clouds, surprisingly (and disappointingly) hidden from view.  I couldn’t help but snap a quick photo as we sped down the interstate yesterday.

Mother Nature has been hard at work atop Oregon’s Mount Ashland.  On a recent snowshoe walk around the backside we discovered what appeared to be a garden of frozen statues, sculpted by numerous winter wind and snowstorms.


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