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As we ate lunch, perched on a picnic table half buried among the spring grass, I couldn’t help but notice the bright red spot of a ladybug.

Fierce winds blowing across the sand create sculptures on a sandy Oregon beach.

Mountain Laurels bloom with flowers that look like peppermint candy in the gardens of Oregon’s Shore Acres State Park.

Outfitted in matching red jackets, two distant beachcombers stroll the shore in search of treasures.




A late spring iris blooms alongside the coastal path.



By midday the Oregon fog breaks up and moves out to sea.


As the snow falls outside my window, I dream of summer sunsets on the Pacific Coast.

My husband and I write a travel blog together, and we recently completed a countdown of our 2018 top 10 photo picks.

Now we want to hear from you. No cash, no prizes…just a chance to share your opinion. Check out the link below to see a recap of our 2018 favorites, then choose choose yours.

Leave your numbered choice in the comments section and we will announce the results this Friday, December 21.

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